quarta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2012

Happy 2012


Juro que nem acredito que já estamos em 2012...e lá se foi mais um ano! É mais uma chance de recomeço, de nos reinventarmos, de nos aproximarmos mais dos que amamos, de acharmos mais tempo para cuidarmos de nós mesmas e de viver cada momento de forma única.
Espero que vocês todas tenham um ano super especial e agradeço de coração o carinho e atenção de todos no ano que passou.
O layout acima fiz inspirada pelo desafio do Yummys...abri o coração e saiu esse layout colorido aí, rsrsrsrs.
O layout abaixo feito com quaswe 100% papéis da Crate eu ainda não tinha postado, fiz para o CS e perdi o prazo (novidade) hhahahaah.

Aqui uma foto da minha família fofa, meus meninos amados...no Natal    :)

E por último, mas não menos importante, venho divulgar para vocês uma oportunidade de publicação internacional...Quem quer sair na SNR?
Aqui estão as calls que temos em aberto para edição de fevereiro, corre que ainda dá tempo, o deadline é 24 de Janeiro:

Free for All (Formerly Known as Strut Your Stuff)

In each issue of Scrapbook News and Review Magazine, we spotlight scrapbook layouts of any size, style and genre with any theme you prefer. Please note that this call is for paper scrapbookers only. The digital sign-up is below in the digital calls area.


6x12 Pages For this call, we're looking for pages that are ONLY 6x12. They can be of any theme or topic, but they cannot be any other size than 6x12.

Forever Family One of the sweetest joys of life is family. For this call, we're looking for layouts that feature pictures of family - immediate and extended or those who we consider just like family - and what they mean to us.

Life is Good It's not just a saying and for this call, we're looking for layouts that feature "Life is Good" as the ttile OR the general theme of the layout.

Pets They mean so much to us and their presence in our lives is usually felt in a big way. Showcase your pets on your layouts - in all their funny, loving special ways - and send them to us. We can't wait to see them!

Monthly Series:

All About Me: What I Believe In What I Believe In: Over the course of 2012, we'll be featuring a monthly series called All About Me that will help you develop an album that focuses mainly on you and your life and your feelings and anything else you want to share. For February, we're looking for pages that are centered on "What I Believe In" but this does NOT have to be the title. This is the subject only.

Color of the Month: Red How will you use red on your page? Projects can be of any theme or subject but you Must use at least 80% of the "Color of the Month" color(s). So think black and white with a couple other colors to balance them out.

KISS - Keep It Simple, Sweetheart We're on the hunt for Clean and Simple or Modern and Graphic pages. Layouts that rely more on the subject or photo rather than a lot of embellishments or dressing up the page.

One Word Title: Possibilities Please note that the title MUST only be one word (the word of the month) and cannot have more than that word, but you can use other words for a sub-title.

Recipe Challenge (Not Food Related) We're excited to roll out this new call for 2012 and it's sure to be a lot of fun! Please submit layouts that follow this recipe:

• 1 Piece of Ribbon/Fiber

• 2 Photos

• 3 Rub-ons

• 4 Patterned Papers

• 5 Flowers

Scrap Your Stash: Ribbon For this call, please only submit layouts that feature ribbon and handmade embellishments made from ribbon on them – nothing else will be accepted for publication.

English short version:

Dear friends,
I cant believe its 2012 already!!! Ive made some comments in PT about how the year passed and how grateful I am to you all - for taking your time to be here and talk/comments - tks a lot.
Than I share 2 layouts, one with my 2012 resolutions and another made using a CS sketch that I forgot to post here before, mostly with Crate Paper material.
The picture you see after the layouts is from my lovely family: me and my boys, on Xmas Eve :)

Please check above our SNR Calls for February edition: Id love to see some familiar faces submitting!
Any doubts, please check at our forum: www.scrapbooknewsandreview.com.

I come soon with more news and projects! Stay tunned! :)

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Mitralee disse...

Beautiful family photo! Love those pages!

Unknown disse...

Wow! Love the layouts Fabi!

Rosana Garcia Hess disse...

Lindos Layouts Fabi

scrap by Dri disse...

Lindos Lo!!
Um 2012 máravilhoso pra ti e tua familia!!

Lolô Artesanato disse...

Como sempre tudo lindo por aqui

Huaína Kélvia disse...

Muito lindo!!!!

Laura Izola disse...

Lindaaaa!!!! Um feliz ano pra vc com tudo o que desejar e planejar.. mega saudades de nossos emails!!! Bj!!!