quarta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2010


Novidade deliciosa que chegou por email....novo DT internacional, com kit recheado todo mês e mais: entrada para CHA 2011 na California...aiaiaiaiia me segura!
Quer saber mais? Passa lá no blog: www.scrapbookingfromtheinsideout.blogspot.com
English version:
Im still puzzled by the great news...Im now part of SFIO Design Team!!!!!
Yes....and im probable go to CHA 2011 due to that 2 ;))))))
Come back later this week with new layouts from The Studio and other challenges ;)

8 comentários:

Bi Medeiros disse...

Parabéns, Fabi! Muito sucesso e diversão com o novo DT! Bjos grandes

Melissa disse...

Yahooo!!!! Fabi I'm so excited to still work with you and now at SFTIO! You are going to LOVE the kits!

And let me know if you do go to CHA Summer. I'll be there too!!!

yyam disse...

That's awesome news Fabi! Congrats to you! :)

Leticia Pereira disse...

Amiga, parabéns!!!!!!!!! Reconhecimento internacional muito merecido!

chksngr disse...

WOOHOO!! Can't wait to work with you! Congrats!!

Karla Ribeiro disse...

Fabi, que legal esse reconhecimento internacional!!!parabéns!!!

nancy disse...

I'm really looking forward to working with you, Fabi! :)

Paz disse...

Hiya Fabi!! I am looking forward to being on a team with you and getting to know you better. AND as for that advice on things to do in NYC, ask away:)